News From Home

While mother nature has been somewhat quiet the past few months in regard to BART rolling on a disaster response, Code 3 has kept busy with training classes and public engagements.  BART took part in a public safety meeting in Firestone April 26th, saw lots and lots of paws tour through during the Furry Scurry in Denver May 5th, and was on hand for good food, lots of people, and agency camaraderie during the Boulder Rural Fire Department’s Open House on June 2nd.

BART-furry-scurryddfl-furry-scurryfurry-scurry-BART   On June 6th Clear Creek Animal Control requested assistance from Code 3 in the removal and relocation of numerous Caribou from a Colorado mountain property.  The animals were in velvet, so handlers needed to be extra careful not to damage the antlers.  Under the guidance of Code 3 Executive Director Jim Boller, they were loaded into two trailers without incident after being briefly separated for photographs.  They handled the trip to their healthier location well, and seemed pleased with their new surroundings and friends.  The following day Code 3 assisted Denver Dumb Friends League (DDFL) with the transport of some abandoned yearlings from DDFL’s Equine facility to a new home where they will get some much needed TLC. Jim-Boller-cariboureindeer-new-home reindeer-roundupfoal-transport-new-homefoal-transport-Jim-Bollerfoal-transport   Meanwhile, on June 11th in Kansas, Maddie (a cow) got herself stuck in a muddy ditch.  Code 3’s Director of Emergency Operations Eric Thompson received the call for help via his large animal rescue team, Emergency Equine Response Unit (EERU).   With the help of a bobcat bucket creating a high point, a forward assist strap to help her gain her footing and Eric’s team, Maddie was brought to safety and quickly joined by her calf, Zippy, who had been impatiently watching from the sidelines. Kansas City Fox 4 News ran a great story on Eric, his team and their response.   Code 3 is standing by as fires ravage the state of Colorado, the report at present is that owners have either pre-evacuated their pets or are taking them with as they evacuate.  We are also keeping an eye on the gulf.

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