Animal Disaster Relief Alliance (ADRA)

Distributing Pet Products to Disaster Affected Areas








Code 3 Associates is pleased to partner with Central Garden & Pet in the Animal Disaster Relief Alliance; ADRA provides animal related products and services to credible disaster relief organizations directly affected by a disaster.

During times of disaster, those in the pet product industry often want to help, but aren’t sure who to contact. At the same time, those affected by disasters are looking for products and supplies for their emergency animal shelters and relief efforts. The Animal Disaster Relief Alliance is ready to connect those willing to donate supplies with those who need them the most.  Through a network of companies, ADRA helps provide much needed supplies, distribution and other services to streamline the process which is often made difficult by the very nature of these catastrophic events.

ADRA has already been active in disasters in 2015.  ADRA partners donated over 800 vaccinations to Wenatchee Humane Society, WA as a result of the Chlean fire, and partners donated dog treats, toys, and enrichment items for animals affected by the flooding in Georgetown County, South Carolina.

Contact us to find out how to join ADRA in helping to provide food, animal products and supplies to animals in need or to discover how ADRA can help you when disasters strike.


Code 3 Associates primary role in ADRA is to receive requests from qualified relief organizations and agencies, to pass these requests on to those in the pet product industry, and to help facilitate distribution of products into disaster affected areas. Code 3 Associates is not a manager or administrator of ADRA.