ASAR Responder Requirements

National guidelines for Animal Search And Rescue (ASAR) responder requirements are coming soon. We revamped our Animal Disaster Responder curriculum to match these new guidelines.

The Code 3 Animal Disaster Responder training (ADR) courses provides instruction on the basic understanding of ASAR, along with practical hands on training in the advanced fundamentals and skills needed for a successful search and rescue operation. This training will introduce new federal standards in resource typing for animal response in times of emergency. Additionally, this instruction provides the necessary knowledge for animal responders to successfully integrate into the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) response system.

The modifiable curriculum developed by Code 3 Associates is designed to meet the cumulative hourly requirements to meet the below categories of ASAR. If you have any questions or wish to schedule classes please contact us.

Unless otherwise noted, courses are available through Code 3 Associates.

ASAR Operations
ICS 100, 200; IS 700, 800 – online via FEMA ICS Training Courses
IS 10, 11 – online via FEMA IS Training Courses
Animal Control, Capture and Behavior (8 hrs.)**
Awareness Level HAZMAT (4 hrs.)
Animal Handling Experience (8 hrs.)**
Introduction to SAR (4 hrs.)
Animal Emergency Sheltering (8 hrs.)
Human First Aid and CPR – (not taught by Code 3 Associates, must be certified/accredited course)
Pet First Aid (awareness of emergency assessments for injured pets) (2 hrs.)
Safe Boat Handling (USCG approved) (4 hrs. or 2 hrs. in conjunction with Slackwater course)
Slackwater (16 hrs.)
Wildland Fire Safety Awareness for the Animal First-Responder (8 hrs.)
Animal Decontamination (2 hrs.)

ASAR Technician
ASAR Operations certification
ICS 300 – (not taught by Code 3, must be FEMA accredited course)
Swiftwater Rescue (24 hrs.)
High/Low Angle Rope Rescue (24 hrs.)
Awareness Level of Large Animal Rescue (8 hrs.)
Introduction to Assessment (4 hrs.)
Fundamentals of SAR (47 hrs.) (Cumulative)
Wildfire Operations for the Animal First-Responder (16 hrs.)
Compromised Structure Rescue (16 hrs.)
Wilderness First Aid (16hrs.) (not taught by Code 3, offered via NOLS, WMLA or equivalent)

ASAR Specialist
ASAR Technician certification
ICS 400 – (not taught by Code 3, must be FEMA accredited course)
Experience as Team Leader/Command**
OSHA HAZWOPER (24 hrs.) (not taught by Code 3, can be taken as online course)
Operational Level Large Animal Rescue (24 hrs.)
Wilderness First Responder – (not taught by Code 3, offered via NOLS, WMLA or equivalent)
Advanced SAR (ADSAR) (19 hrs.) (Cumulative)


**These requirements (Animal Control, Capture & Behavior; Animal Handling Experience; Experience as Team Leader/Command) can be satisfied by completing an experience evaluation form. Credit for the required hours may be given by Code 3 Associates upon review and verification.

The requirements to receive credentialing are cumulative and can be meet with some existing courses offered by Code 3. For example, the BULL class can meet a portion of the High/Low Angle Rope Rescue and Awareness of Large Animal Rescue under ASAR Technician.

For a responder to maintain their credentialing level: Once a credentialing level has been achieved, the minimum continuing education hours to keep the responders certification through Code 3 Associates must be met as follows:

ASAR Operations – 8 hours of operations level or higher every 2 years.

ASAR Technician or Specialist – 16 hours of technician lever or higher every 2 years.

All continuing education credits must be completed prior to the responders 2 year credentialing expiration date to maintain certification. If a credentialed responder receives a request to assist a Code 3 instructor in a training module, those hours may be counted towards the required continuing education requirements.

In order for Code 3 to issue ASAR level certification: students who participate in curriculum other than Code 3, must submit completion certificates for review and verification. If the outside course meets the requirements and standards as set forth by the FEMA resource typing, Code 3 will honor the training.

Code 3 is able to customize courses to meet the requirements of a requesting agency or area, please contact us to discuss your needs.