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Testimonials to Code 3’s Training from the Black Forest Fire

June 24, 2013 A number of Code 3’s friends & students were involved in animal evacuations and logistics during the Black Forest Fire near Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’ve heard from two of them, and couldn’t be prouder of what they accomplished. “A huge shout out to Nan Stuart and the entire training staff at CodeContinue Reading

Our Sincerest Thanks to

Our Sincerest Thanks to Many thanks to for their generous grant to Code 3 to keep us rolling and able to pay it forward to the animals and their human families. It is through their charitable support, and the support from other organizations and individuals, that keeps us taking care of animals in disasters andContinue Reading

Oklahoma Mission Comes to a Close

It’s been over two weeks since communities in Oklahoma were struck with an EF-5 tornado causing wide spread damage and loss.  Most of the nation watched the storm, televised on the Weather Channel, as Moore, OK was hit.  Within the 40 minutes of disbelief that we were witnessing the loss of human and animal lifeContinue Reading

BART – An Integral Part of Reuniting People and Their Pets

Code 3 Associate’s BART is set up at the OK Humane Society in Oklahoma City, OK, where we continue to support OK Humane and the ASPCA in their reunitfication efforts. Our Big Animal Rescue Truck is currently serving as place for people to reunite with their pets whom they were separated from in the tornado.Continue Reading

StarNation Features BART

StarNation Features BART From June 19, 2012 Animal Disaster Relief – How a Western Star is Fulfilling its Duty Code 3 Associates, a Longmont, Colorado-based animal search and rescue group, uses an incredible Western Star truck as its mobile command center. The Big Animal Rescue Truck, also known as BART,  is an important mode of transportation for disasterContinue Reading