BART Visits Boy Scouts 100th Anniversary Jamboree

Our thanks to the Boy Scouts of America and their executive committee for inviting B.A.R.T. and several of our volunteers to participate in and celebrate their 100th Anniversary Jamboree, which was held at Fort A.P. Hill in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Boy Scouts Loved the Code 3 Team


The event was 10 days long from the end of July to the first part of August. The weather was very hot and humid, even for Virginia, with the heat index and humidity exceeding 110 for most of the event. The Code 3 volunteers and staff just looked at it as acclimating for a Hurricane response on the Gulf Coast. Many of the scouts and leaders did not fair as well with the heat which took its’ toll on many of the attendees.

Code 3 Volunteers and Staff


It was said that there was over 45,000 scouts that attended the event, with leaders and visitors it was said to be over 200,000 people made their way onto A.P. Hill during the event. It seemed like we spoke to at least half of that number who ended up making their way on to B.A.R.T. over the expanse of the event. We spoke to scouts and leaders from all 50 states and 8 countries and territories.

Boy Scouts


We set up some demonstrations using mechanical advantages and allowed the boys to pull Lucky, our 800 lb. rubber training horse, as well as rolling over and then re-righting a 3000 lb. training horse trailer. We were giving the kids instruction related to safety when working around ropes and proper lifting technique and pulling as a team. Even a group of cub scouts working together were able to right the horse trailer.

Scouts Moving LuckyCub Scouts

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