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Bart Heads Back to Missouri

Code 3 Associates has been requested by the state of Missouri and Humane Society of Missouri authorities to deploy to the Joplin area to assist with anticipated community wide post-storm search and rescue. BART and the core team left Longmont early this morning, and an additional team from the Kansas City area has been onContinue Reading

Winding Down in Missouri – Gearing Up to Head South

The team spent much of its time speaking with local residents about pre-event evacuation for themselves and their pets. We also transported animals out of potential impact areas for those residents that were evacuating and didn’t have a means to transport the animals themselves. We had overwhelming support and gratitude from residents for assisting themContinue Reading

More News from the Mississippi River – Caruthersville, MO

As mentioned in last week’s post, Code 3 has partnered with the ASPCA Investigations and Disaster Response staff to once again help the residents of Caruthersville, Missouri. This is not the first time Code 3 has been in Caruthersville; in 2008 Code 3 partnered with Missouri Humane to assist in evacuation of animals for whatContinue Reading

BART and the Code 3 Team in Missouri

BART and the Code 3 Associates team are currently in Caruthersville, Missouri assisting with animal rescue and recovery in the wake of flooding along the Missouri and Tennessee border. Bart and two Code 3 water rescue teams, whose members are from Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota, are responding at the request of localContinue Reading

BART Visits Boy Scouts 100th Anniversary Jamboree

Our thanks to the Boy Scouts of America and their executive committee for inviting B.A.R.T. and several of our volunteers to participate in and celebrate their 100th Anniversary Jamboree, which was held at Fort A.P. Hill in Fredericksburg, Virginia.   The event was 10 days long from the end of July to the first partContinue Reading

The New BART and the Code 3 Rescue Team Responds to the Flooding in Fargo, ND

  March 31, 2011 The Code 3 Riders on the Storm Animal Rescue Team has responded to Fargo, ND to assist the community with animals affected by the flooding of the Red River. Friday March 27, 2009 The team arrived on late at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds where the Fargo-Moorehead Humane Society has setContinue Reading

Code 3 Associates Arrives in Houston and Hit the Ground Running

  After driving all night, the Code 3 team arrived at the Houston SPCA and hit the ground running. We were tasked with the management of field operations. Our first task was to turn the parking lot of the Houston SPCA into a Base Camp of operations for the other organizations and volunteers to operateContinue Reading

Code 3 Animal Search and Rescue Team Travels Through the Night

8 AM September 13, 2008 This morning Code 3 Associates, Inc deployed a 7 member Water Rescue Team along with BART (Big Animal Rescue Truck) from Longmont, CO to Houston TX to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. The team was deployed at the request of Houston SPCA and Harris County to assist withContinue Reading

Animal Planet Specials on Cats

May 5, 2008 Our Executive Director Jim Boller (of Houston Animal Cops fame) will be among others featured in a couple of Animal Planet Specials about Cats – Large and Small. Animal Planet used the backdrop of a unique Wildlife Sanctuary founded by Pat Craig. The Wildlife Sanctuary in Kennesburg, CO is a 160 acreContinue Reading

Flooding in Iowa

Code 3 was deployed to assist in the Iowa Communities affected by the recent flooding. The team headed to one of the hardest hit communities first, Cedar Rapids, to join our long time partners The Humane Society of Missouri in their efforts to make a difference for the animals. Code 3 and HSMO were alsoContinue Reading