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To Kono, From His Mother

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”  — Dr. Seuss   A Letter to Kono Kurvers from His Mother, Kelsey Stuart Today I am very sad because yesterday I sat with my young son Kono and watched as he quietly passed away from my life.  There is a hole in my heart andContinue Reading

We’ve Partnered with the National Animal Care and Control Association!

Code 3’s Cruelty Investigators Academy & NACA’s National Animal Care and Control Academy combined into one dually certified academy! Code 3 and NACA have formed a partnership to deliver a new higher standard in animal care and cruelty investigation training. This partnership will streamline and continue to set the standard for the way animal control,Continue Reading

Code 3’s NEW Sponsor an Officer Program

August 22, 2013 Have you ever gone past an animal that looks malnourished, injured, or abused and wondered if there was anything you could do to help? Or wondered just how the money you have donated to a national organization was spent and if it really helped the reason you gave in the first place?Continue Reading

Testimonials to Code 3’s Training from the Black Forest Fire

June 24, 2013 A number of Code 3’s friends & students were involved in animal evacuations and logistics during the Black Forest Fire near Colorado Springs, Colorado. We’ve heard from two of them, and couldn’t be prouder of what they accomplished. “A huge shout out to Nan Stuart and the entire training staff at CodeContinue Reading

September 21, 2012

Last weekend, Code 3 Associates taught a large animal rescue class, primarily for the Upper Pine Fire Protection District,  at Colorado Trails Ranch in Durango, CO. Our Big Useful Livestock Lessons (BULL) class was adapted to include classroom topics such as livestock behavior and handling, veterinary perspectives in large animal rescue and basic ropes and knots. Outside of theContinue Reading

Warm Hearts & Cold Feet – Kelsey & Keester Make the News

Photgraph courtesy of Lewis Geyer and Too often we forget to “Thank” some of our Code 3 staff (family) for their dedication to professional training in adverse conditions. On Jan. 11th and 13th, 2012 Code 3 staff members Nan Stuart, Mike West, and Kelsey and Keester Stuart (4-legged Golden Retriever staff) assisted Mountain ViewContinue Reading

The Dog Who Can See Your Soul

This is an article by Sandy Lamb who is a friend of Kinsey’s. It was first published in the Ladies Home Journal, Oct 2007 July 15, 2008      Meeting Kinsey Nan Stuart scanned the classroom in Columbus, Ohio, looking for her 12-year-old golden retriever, Kinsey. Moments earlier Kinsey had been at Stuart’s side asContinue Reading

A Tribute to My Friend Kinsey

July 15, 2008 Before you start to read this, please do yourself a favor and get some Kleenex or better yet a bucket and a sponge cause you will need it.   Wednesday, June 18, 2008 was a very sad day for me, my family and for all the rest of you who knew her.Continue Reading