Code 3 Animal Search and Rescue Team Travels Through the Night

8 AM September 13, 2008
This morning Code 3 Associates, Inc deployed a 7 member Water Rescue Team along with BART (Big Animal Rescue Truck) from Longmont, CO to Houston TX to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

The team was deployed at the request of Houston SPCA and Harris County to assist with Search and Rescue operations in the communities hardest hit by Hurricane Ike.

3 AM September 14, 2008
The team continues to travel through the night taking turns driving and sleeping as best we can to arrive in Houston by Sunday morning. Come day break the team will be part of the historic effort to assist stranded Humans and their companion animals, live stock, exotic animals and wildlife.

I will post updates and pictures as I can
Kay Mayfield
Director of Emergency Services
Code 3 Associates, Inc

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