Colorado State University

Partnership with Colorado State University and CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Code 3 Associates is proud to offer trainings and academies that are certified in partnership with Colorado State University and Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Accredited animal welfare trainings include Equine Investigations Academy, National Animal Control & Humane Officer Academy, Cruelty Investigator’s AcademyBig Useful Livestock Lessons and Animal Disaster Responder Academy. Depending on class location, accredited trainings may also include classes certified by Rescue 3 (Ice Rescue, Technical Animal Rescue, Swiftwater Rescue).

Students may apply credits previously received from Code 3’s EIA, ADR and/or National Cruelty Investigations School (NCIS only if completed prior to June 2010) toward their individual Colorado State University certifications.

Colorado State University students and veterinarians who take these accredited courses are eligible to apply for continuing education credits (CEUs) from Colorado State University. Veterinary professionals are eligible to apply for CEUs from Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.