Riders on the Storm

Animal Disaster Response Team

Code 3 Associates’ Riders on the Storm animal rescue team is made up of men and women from across the United States and Canada who volunteer their time and are dedicated, highly trained animal welfare and public safety professionals. Our Animal Rescue Team members have been selected due to their advanced level of training, their professional integrity, their animal handling skills and their expertise in search and rescue. These professionals are the “Best of the Best” who donate their time, energy, experience and knowledge to answer the call to help animals and support communities in need during disaster and emergency situations.


Field Response Team

Our field response teams have earned their credibility through years of hard work, training and field experience. Our field responders have specialized cross-training in areas of wildland fire, swift water and floodwater rescue, high and low angle rope extraction, confined space rescue and compromised structure rescue. With their specialized animal handling training and experience our teams can safely handle all animals from companion and livestock to exotic and wildlife.


Administrative Team

Our administrative team is made up of seasoned disaster volunteers who support the field teams, operate staging areas, complete all ICS and animal intake paperwork, transport animals to emergency shelters or veterinary services and interact with the local authorities and community.



Our team members have individually spent years in public safety and disaster services fields, earning nationally recognized credentials. Each is trained in all facets of field rescue work, handling all types of animals, managing our teams in field response situations, and are trained to be part of an Incident Management team.


Incident Command

Most importantly, our Animal Rescue Teams are there to assist and be a resource for the local authorities. Our teams work within the Incident Command System, and only deploy upon official request from local authorities, working at the direction of that authority.


Support our mission

We are only able support our volunteers through the generosity of those who support us, since we receive no governmental support even though we are routinely called upon by jurisdictions all over the continental US and Canada. There are no fees charged for our disaster response, during the first week, and we do not solicit donations while on site; we are supported primarily through tax deductible donations outside of the disaster area.  Please help keep us rolling.