Flooding in Missouri



Thursday April 3, 2008

The Code 3 team was getting ready to set up at the Indianapolis State Fair Ground for the Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo when we received a call from The Humane Society of Missouri to redeploy to Sikeston, MO to assist with flooding and possible flooding issues.

The Code 3 team left Indianapolis and traveled to Sikeston to meet up with Brian Williams from HSMO at the Regional EOC. After checking in we bunked down for the night while remaining on call for emergency assistance.

Friday April 4, 2008

The Code 3 team met up with the team from Humane Society of Missouri and established a base camp. The teams split up to do assessments of areas of concern.

The Caruthersville area had moderate flooding with some areas the Caruthersville Humane Society could not access with out 4 wheel drives.

The teams remained on stand by for possible levee failure in Butler County.

Saturday April 5, 2008

The teams deployed to Caruthersville to assist with accessing areas with our 4 wheel drives. They talked with residents about possible problems with continued flooding and livestock in flooded pastures. The teams assisted with getting several horses back into their pastures.

Sunday April 6, 2008

The Code 3 team and The Humane Society of Missouri demobilized.

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