By H. Goodluck,M. Rochemont

constraints', which serve to dam the organization of antecedent to hole below particular syntactic stipulations. Of the limitations pointed out through Ross and others, those we'll speak about listed here are the advanced NP Constraint, exemplified with a relative clause in (3b) and with a nominal supplement in (4a), the topic and wh Island stipulations (Chomsky, 1973) in (4b, c) respectively, and the Adjunct Island Condi­ tion (see Huang, 1982's situation on Extraction Domain), illustrated in (4d, e). (4) (a) *John, Mary made the declare that Sally plans to recommend_ for ajob. John, Mary claimed that Sally plans to suggest _ for a task. As for John, Mary heard the rumor that Sally intends to marry him. (b) *John, an editorial approximately _just seemed within the newspaper. As for John, a piece of writing approximately him simply seemed within the information­ paper. (c) *Bill, i ponder who likes_. As for invoice, i'm wondering who likes him. (d) *The warmth, we left early as a result of _. As for the warmth, we left early as a result of it. (e) *The funds, I lied in order that i may keep_. As for the cash, I lied in order that i may hold it.

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