Oklahoma Mission Comes to a Close

It’s been over two weeks since communities in Oklahoma were struck with an EF-5 tornado causing wide spread damage and loss.  Most of the nation watched the storm, televised on the Weather Channel, as Moore, OK was hit.  Within the 40 minutes of disbelief that we were witnessing the loss of human and animal life as the tornado raged on, national animal welfare leader’s from the National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition (NARSC) were already on the phone coordinating help. As a founding member of NARSC, Code 3 mobilized and stood ready to assist with any requests for help from Oklahoma authorities or animal welfare partners.

In cooperation with ASPCA, OK Humane, AHA and SCART; Code 3 provided two shelter support teams to the animal shelter located at the fairgrounds in Norman, OK, in addition to a shelter support team and BART, which was used as a command post and reunification center at OK Humane. BART proved to be a remarkable resource as we carried in shelter supplies that were distributed to all of the shelters that needed aid.

PetSmart Charities stepped up to assist Code 3 in our efforts and restocked BART to make sure we continued to be a distribution point for future supplies to those who needed them.  Thank You PetSmart Charities for everything!

Code 3 teams provided care and logistical support to over 150 animals between the two shelters; and were blessed to help with many reunifications of owners and lost beloved pets.  So often, Code 3 staff and grateful pet owners referred to their animals as “kids” and members of the family.  Watching the tearful reunions and sharing those emotional hugs as families were finally back together reminded us of why we do what we do.

Thank you so much to everyone that came together to support Code 3 Associates during this deployment.  The outpouring of generosity from animal lovers across the country and abroad keeps us rolling to pay it forward to those in need.  As the Code 3 teams continue to return home, we already are prepping supplies and resources to be ready to roll again as the need arises.  Please continue to follow us on our Facebook page, Twitter (@code3associates), and watch for upcoming trainings in your area at www.code3associates.org.

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