Teams Rescue 170 Animals From the Floods

As we kept a cautious eye on the river and the flooding situation the Code 3 team was joined by Brian Williams from the Humane Society of Missouri. The team continued to assist the Caruthersville Humane Society staff with the care of the animals being brought in.

The teams rescued another 16 dogs and 22 cats for the day and realizing that we were very quickly filling up the small shelter again we requested another transport of animals to HSMO for the next day.

Wednesday, 3-26-08 – Wednesday was a busy day and it started with filling the transport van that HSMO sent down. We were able to send 39 dogs and 18 cats for a total of 57 animals in a special transport van run by HSMO staff member Patience Scanlon.

The wildlife was continuing to be pushed into the city in large numbers and the teams assisted with several situations where the wildlife was in trouble.

Thursday, 3-27-08 – We continued to have the assistance of Brian and Kyle from HSMO and the teams continued to watch the rising river and bring in animals being affected by it. The river was due to crest Thursday evening reaching 41.0 FT which while above flood stage would be below the 42 ft that would severely flood the city and surrounding area.

The teams brought in another 13 dogs and 15 cats for the day. Looking forward to the river cresting during the night and the immediate threat being over the Code 3 team and the HSMO team realized that they had yet again all but filled the small Caruthersville shelter. One more transport was arranged for Friday before the two teams pulled out.

Friday, 3–28-08 – The river crested during the night at 41.0 ft and was receding but the teams were still busy while preparing for demobilization. The field teams brought in another 31 dogs and 14 cats finishing all the outstanding calls bringing to total for the disaster to 170 animals rescued.

The last job that he teams assisted with was loading the transports bound for the Humane Society of Missouri with 48 dogs and 9 cats. Bringing the total transported to HSMO for adoption to a total of 162 animals.

The Code 3 team ceased operation in Caruthersville at 2pm and was on the road by 5 pm.

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