Training on Fire in Reno, Nevada

While conducting an Animal Disaster Responder Level I training in Reno, NV Nov. 14th-18th, Code 3 Staff were tasked to assist Washoe County Regional Animal Services with large animal evacuations in front of an actual wildfire that reportedly started around on the morning of Friday Nov. 18th. At about 5:30 A.M. on Nov. 18th Lt. Bobby Smith asked for Code 3 assistance in wildfire evacuations for the local fire that started due to powerlines sparking in high winds.

Lt. Smith reported over 30 horses, 35 dogs and 17 cats were sheltered due to the fire. Many more pets were kept in cars at the Evac Shelters. The property loss was 32 homes and 5 out buildings (total loss) some others with minor fencing/shrub damage. A total of 4000 homes were in danger; Animal Services were deployed for 35 hours.


Code 3 Staff members Jim Boller and Eric Thompson assisted with several large animal calls for service until released by Washoe County.

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