Code 3 Associates Animal Disaster Responder – certified animal rescue training.


Animal Disaster Responder (ADR)

Certified Animal Rescue Training

The Animal Disaster Responder Academy (ADR) provides in-depth, certified animal rescue training for those who respond to the needs of animals during manmade and natural disasters. This academy has classroom instruction and practical scenarios on working with companion animals, livestock and exotic animals in a safe manner.

This multi-level academy was designed to provide technical animal rescue training, including large animal rescue classes, for emergency managers, animal control officers, disaster officers and volunteers who respond to the needs of animals during manmade and natural disasters. All classes meet or exceed NFPA and NWCG training standards allowing us to offer certified firefighter training.

In keeping with Code 3’s history of providing quality training while evolving with the needs of those who may be called on to respond to disasters and animal emergencies, we now offer our certified animal rescue training in three 5-day courses and/or five 3-day courses. In adjusting the 120 hour technical animal rescue training curriculum, all current topics will be covered with the addition of new subject matter plus more hands-on, practical, and discussion exercises.

FIVE Day Class Format

Three Day Class Format

Level I Topics Include
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Basic Outdoor Safety and Survival (BOSS) including fire, weather and water awareness; introductory ropes; basic human first aid
Basic Animal Sheltering,including tabletop exercises
Exotic Awareness Training
Stress Management
Wildland Fire, S-130, S-190, LS-130 (optional in lieu of BOSS)Level II Topics Include
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Small Animal Safe Handling
General Rules About Biosecurity
Large Animal Rescue (BULL)
Maps and Navigation
Ropes and Common Knots
Practical Scenarios

Level III Topics Include
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Technical Animal Rescue
Swiftwater Rescue Technician Ice Rescue
Wildland Fire, S-130, S-190, LS-130 *if not taken in  Level I
Hazardous Materials
Trench & Compromised Structures
Confined Space
Animal Rescue in Floodwaters
Basic Outdoor Safety & Survival (BOSS) *if not taken in Level I

Level I Topics Include
Basic Outdoor Safety and Survival (BOSS) including fire, weather and water awareness; introductory ropes; basic human first aid
Basic Animal Sheltering with tabletop exercise
Maps and Navigation includes practical applicationLevel II Topics Include
Stress Management
Biosecurity and Zoonoses
Small Animal Handling & 1st Aid
Exotic Animal Awareness,includes practical

Level III Topics Include
Livestock Behavior, Handling & 1st Aid, includes practical
Technical Ropes & Mechanical Advantage
Trailering with exercise
Large Animal Scenarios

Level IV Topics Include
Technical Animal Rescue, see our TAR page for more details

Level V Topics Include
Participants must select one from the following list of electives:
Swiftwater Rescue Technician
Ice Rescue Technician
Wildland Fire, S-130, S-190, LS-130 *if not taken previously
Hazardous Materials; Trenches, Compromised Structures and Confined Space; Animal Rescue in Floodwater elective classes coming soon.


Many of the topics included in this academy can be taught as stand-alone courses. Please contact us if you are interested.

This academy consists of 120 hours of instruction. There are 96 hours of required classes with the remaining 24 hours coming from approved electives to complete the 120 hours. Individual courses can be taken within the offered three to five day sessions.

This academy is taught in partnership with Colorado State University for certification. Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate and are eligible to apply for continuing education credits from Colorado State University. Veterinary professionals may apply to receive CEUs from Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

The Animal Disaster Responder Academy (ADR) faculty may include Dean A. Hendrickson D.V.M., Charlotte J. Robinson D.V.M., Jim Boller, Krista Kurvers, Kim Little and Eric Thompson.

Dates, Locations and Cost
Registration must be received in advance. Early registration is recommended as we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel one month prior to class start date because of insufficient enrollment.

Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a class in your area. Click on class location for a downloadable brochure (brochure is available if the class location is underlined, PDF opens in new window). Limited scholarships are available.


Download and fax/email registration form (PDF opens in a new window)

Do you need help with your training expenses? Reach out to your community for help – spread the word about our Sponsor an Officer program, and ask community members to designate their donations for your agency.