Swiftwater Rescue Training

Swiftwater Rescue Technician Unit 1 (SRT 1)

Swiftwater Rescue Technician training focuses on self-rescue skills as well as rescuing and extricating an accident victim from the water. Skills for both river and flood rescue situations are introduced and utilized in various rescue scenarios.

This course was designed to provide swiftwater rescue training on a technician (SRT 1) level for those who may be called on for a swiftwater/flood search and rescue, including emergency managers, firefighters, search and rescue personnel, disaster officers and volunteers who respond during emergencies and disasters.

SRT 1 Topics Include
Self-rescue skills
Safely swimming in swiftwater
Negotiating river hazards and obstacles at various water levels
Handling small inflatable boats by paddle, oar and on tether
Understanding swiftwater rescue team organization and the response of the victim
Knowing the responsibilities of on-scene leadership
Fording shallow and fast-moving water utilizing various techniques
Crossing water utilizing basic climbing gear and/or small boats
Utilizing climbing and technical gear applicable to swiftwater rescue

This Swiftwater Rescue course offers 24 hours of instruction over a three-day period. SRT 1 includes one day of classroom instruction followed by two days of developing and practicing water rescue skills.

This course is certified through Rescue 3 International. Depending on the class location, it may be taught in partnership with Colorado State University for certification; please contact us for verification. If the course is offered in partnership with CSU, upon successful completion students will receive a certificate and are eligible to apply for continuing education credits from Colorado State University. Veterinary professionals may apply to receive CEUs from Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

The Swiftwater Rescue faculty may include Kim Little, Jim Boller and Eric Thompson.

Prerequisites and NFPA Standards
This course requires basic swimming ability.

SRT 1 meets the requirements for NFPA 1670 Operations (Water)

Equipment Necessary for Class
1. Personal flotation device (PFD)
2. Full dry suit
3. Thick-soled water booties or sneakers
4. Water, kayaking or climbing helmet (this must cover the back of the head and drain water)
5. Heavy/sturdy gloves for water

The PFD, dry suit and helmet can be rented from Code 3.

Other water classes may also be available. Please contact us for details.

Dates, Locations and Cost
Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a class in your area.

Updated Schedule to Follow

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