Updates From Pierre, South Dakota

Volunteers from Code 3 Associates and Best Friends Animal Shelter along with shelters in Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota have teamed up to take care of both animals brought to the temporary shelter and animals found in the surrounding areas. Teams are overseeing and coordinating all animal operations in the Pierre and Fort Pierre areas – sheltering, responding to animal control calls and responding to calls in the surrounding areas where animals are in need of assistance.

Teams, upon request from local citizens, have been transporting animals to the shelter and have responded to calls of dogs playing in the water, animals running loose in the flood areas and more. The water team even rescued a young raccoon from the flood waters.

Code 3 boats along with water-rescue certified personnel are staged each day in Fort Pierre to be used for human rescue as well as animal rescue if the levees do not hold. The levees are currently doing a good job holding back the flooding Missouri River, and hopefully today’s rain won’t affect their success!

Code 3 Associates is on standby for assisting areas further south along the Missouri River, and teams will be moving downriver as needed. As a result of this and previous deployments Code 3 resources are running low. Small monetary donations have been dropped off at the shelter, but further assistance is needed. In order to support this mission and serve additional communities, Code 3 must be able to support the volunteers who take care of the animals, as well as supporting the animals themselves– donations are needed to provide meals and lodging for volunteers plus food, vaccinations and supplies for the animals. Code 3 Associates is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible. Donations can be securely made through PayPal or by calling (303) 772-7724.

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