We’ve Partnered with the National Animal Care and Control Association!

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Code 3’s Cruelty Investigators Academy & NACA’s National Animal Care and Control Academy combined into one dually certified academy!

Code 3 and NACA have formed a partnership to deliver a new higher standard in animal care and cruelty investigation training. This partnership will streamline and continue to set the standard for the way animal control, law enforcement and humane officers receive training.  We are proud to unveil  the National Animal Control and Humane Officer Academy, (NACHO). The NACHO Academy provides law enforcement and animal welfare/animal control personnel with training that equips them with the tools needed, not only for duties in animal control, but also animal cruelty investigations. Beginning in January 2015, the academy will consist of three 40 hour modules that can be taken in any order but we do suggest Module A is taken first, especially for those new to the field.  Upon completion of Modules A, B, and C participants will be dual certified as a NACA Certified Animal Control Officer and a Code 3 Associates Certified Cruelty Investigator. The NACA certification requires successful completion of only Modules A and B.

Until now, receiving these national certifications required individuals to complete five 40 hour week long training courses, however, many of the skills needed to become certified as an Animal Control Officer are also needed to be certified as a Cruelty Investigator. Recognizing this overlapping of skill sets, NACA and Code 3 have worked together to identify areas where the training curriculum in both programs overlap and have developed new curriculum to reduce the total weeks of training necessary to earn both the Animal Control Officer Certification and Cruelty Investigator Certification. This reduction in training weeks will mean a significant reduction in training costs for animal care and control, humane enforcement, and law enforcement agencies across the nation.

Learn more about this partnership and our NACHO Academy


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  1. george Cox 11/10/2014

    Question: If I am already a certified animal control officer through the NACA. Can I just attend the moduel c to get my dual cirtification

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