About Us

Animal Welfare Training In addition to disaster response, Code 3 Associates has conducted recognized animal related disaster and law enforcement training throughout the United States for over 30 years. Our trainings cover topics from technical animal rescue and animal disaster response to animal cruelty training for investigators. All of our trainings and academies are nationally recognized, most providing accreditation through Colorado State University.

Disaster Response for Animals Code 3 Associates provides professional technical animal rescue and recovery to communities affected by man-made or natural disasters. We respond upon an official request for assistance from the local Emergency Managers or jurisdictional authorities in charge of the animal rescue operations during a disaster. Code 3’s Riders on the Storm Animal Rescue Team and BART (Big Animal Rescue Truck) are ready to assist and support agencies during incidents or events that exceed or severely challenge their ability to provide basic response services.

Riders on the Storm Code 3 Associates animal rescue team is made up of dedicated, highly trained men and women from across the United States and Canada that volunteer their time to assist communities with animal rescue during disasters. These Animal Rescue Team members have been selected for their elevated level of training, their professional integrity, their animal handling skills and their expertise in search and rescue. These professionals are the “Best of the Best” who donate their time, energy, experience and knowledge to answer the call of animals in need during disaster and emergency situations.

Mobile Command Center BART, our 80-foot tractor trailer truck, was designed with one goal in mind: to support and expand the ability of any agency or organization to effectively accomplish its mission in disaster or emergency to support their community and their animal needs. BART can comfortably accommodate 8 team members in a zero resource environment for up to one week before needing to re-supply. BART’s trailer contains a 4×4 support vehicle; a two-horse trailer; three boats and motors, cages, carriers and portable corrals; four generators; various rescue and capture equipment and much more.

Donations Welcome We are only able to continue our mission through the generosity of those who support us; we receive no governmental support even though we are routinely called upon by jurisdictions all over the continental US and Canada. There are no fees charged for the first week for our disaster response and we do not solicit donations while on site; we are supported primarily through tax deductible donations outside of the disaster area. Our educational programs are self-supporting, but donations towards scholarships are always appreciated.