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Courses Offered in Investigating Animal Cruelty

Code 3 Associates offer a number of courses in animal cruelty investigations – from overview courses to in-depth academies.

Classes Include
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The Equine Investigations Academy (EIA) provides training in the different aspects of horse abuse investigations. This weeklong in-residence academy uses classroom and hands-on instruction with a large number of horses to teach a systematic approach for equine cruelty investigators.

For more information visit our Equine Investigations Academy page.

The Essential Animal Services Training (EAST) provides a multi-tiered learning experience that focuses on in-person practical training. This curriculum provides law enforcement and animal welfare/animal control personnel with training that equips them with the tools needed for duties in animal control and animal cruelty investigations.

For more information please visit our Essential Animal Services Training page.

This course provides an in-depth look at animal cruelty case investigations – from start to finish. It covers from the initial complaint through the proper filing of your case with the prosecutor.  Students will receive traditional classroom instruction accompanied by daily work processing one of four “cruelty scenes”.  Coaches will be assisting through process and investigation with each scene.

For more information, visit our Animal Cruelty Case Investigation page.

This two-day course is designed for first responders, animal control officers, humane investigators, law enforcement, and others that are involved in, or interested in becoming involved in, livestock cruelty investigations and/or deal with livestock in the course of their duties.  It combines lecture and hands-on to provide the student with a solid foundation in dealing with complaints/concerns regarding livestock, with an emphasis on horses.  Topics include animal identification, movement and handling, general nutrition, veterinary care, general anatomy, Body Condition Scoring, property inspections, safety, communication tactics with animal owners, transportation safety and more.

This two day course is designed for animal control officers, humane investigators, law enforcement, and others that are involved in equine cruelty investigations and/or deal with horses in the course of their duties.  It combines lecture and hands-on with a variety of horses to provide the student with a basic starting foundation in dealing with complaints/concerns regarding horses, and is a great pre-course to our Equine Investigations Academy.  The course will provide an introduction to basic horse behavior, movement and handling, ID, property inspections, safety, industry norms, communication tactics with horse owners, and more.


Most of these classes are taught in partnership with Colorado State University for credentialing. Upon successful completion of eligible courses, students will receive a certificate and are eligible to apply for continuing education credits from Colorado State University. Veterinary professionals may apply to receive CEUs from CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Code 3, in partnership with CSU, has established three levels of certification for Animal Control Officers and Animal Welfare Professionals – Certified Animal Control Officer, Cruelty Investigator and Master Cruelty Investigator. These levels are achieved through the completion of our Essential Animal Services Training (EAST) Academy and Equine Investigations Academy (EIA) as well as maintaining the certification levels through pursuing additional continuing education from Code 3 and approved sources. Learn More

Code 3 Associates is an approved provider of content which enhances professional competence and aligns with the 5 domains of the Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA) Exam specifications. Every hour of training equals 1 CE towards CAWA Recertification.

Many of these classes are accepted by Texas DHS for their ACO certification. If your state requires official approval of training to meet your certification needs, please contact us so we may pursue gaining appropriate approval.

Available Courses

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