dog being rescued in boat during flood


Code 3 Associates is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to providing professional technical animal rescue and recovery to communities affected by man-made or natural disasters. We respond upon an official request for assistance from local Emergency Managers or jurisdictional authorities in charge of the animal rescue operations during a disaster.

Code 3’s Riders on the Storm Animal Rescue Team and BART (Big Animal Rescue Truck) are ready to assist and support agencies during those incidents or events that exceed or severely challenge the agencies’ ability to provide basic response services.

puppy rescued from flood on volunteers shoulder
puppy rescued from flood on volunteers shoulder

Riders on the Storm

Code 3’s animal disaster response team members have been selected for their advanced level of training, their professional integrity, their animal handling skills and their expertise in search and rescue.

Big Animal Rescue Truck (BART)

BART is a 78,000 pound, 80-foot tractor trailer truck that carries animal rescue and disaster response equipment and acts as mobile command center for our Riders on the Storm.

Big animal rescue truck
dogs being rescued in boat during a flood

Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)

Code 3 Associates pre-establishes Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) and/or Mutual Aid Agreements (MAA) with communities for the request and deployment of the Code 3 teams and resources in the event of a disaster.

Large Animal Disaster Assistance

Code 3 Associates provides Emergency Large Animal Sheltering Leadership and short term shelter management for Emergency Large Animal Shelters.  Our team in made up subject matter experts that have decades of experience to ensure a smooth sheltering operation.  Our deployment teams collaborate with local veterinarians, train volunteers and work with community members on location, set up and operations.  The goal is get the large animals emergency shelter up and running efficiently and effectively as soon as disasters hit.

In preparation for a disaster, Code 3 as developed a one or two day training resource.  The BARNS (Big Animal Resources, Needs and Sheltering) course provides emergency management training as well as trains disaster responders and community volunteers on Emergency Large Animal Sheltering.  BARNS provides a solid foundation in and prepares teams with the necessary tools for a smooth-running operation.


“I love how everyone on the Code 3 team is about the mission and they know the mission is to help animals the best we can no one is there just to help themselves.”

—Kerri D., Texas

We are only able to continue our mission through the generosity of those who support us.

We receive no governmental support even though we are routinely called upon by jurisdictions all over the continental US and Canada. There are no fees charged for the first week for our disaster response and we do not solicit donations while on-site.

We are supported primarily through tax-deductible donations outside of the disaster area, and we greatly appreciate your generous contributions!