Code 3 Associates offers a diverse and informative set of academies and courses focused on animal cruelty training for investigators and certified animal rescue classes.These courses are designed for a wide variety of professionals, and provide training for animal control officers, veterinary professionals, first responders, animal welfare workers, prosecutors, Department of Agriculture employees and members of technical animal rescue groups.

The majority of Code 3 Associates humane investigations classes and animal rescue classes are certified in partnership with Colorado State University and Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Courses that are not certified through Colorado State University are certified through other nationally accepted organizations, including Rescue 3 International.

Code 3 Associates instructors are chosen for their expertise, experience in the field and dynamic style of teaching. All of our faculty have “been there and done that”, and are qualified to teach the various subjects, not only by knowledge but also by experience. They can demonstrate some tried and true methods, and can share experiences along with mistakes made which will help the students be able to apply the training to their specific jobs.

Training Discounts and Shorter Class Sessions
In keeping with Code 3’s history of providing quality training while evolving with the needs of those working in humane investigations and disaster response, we now offer our animal cruelty training and animal rescue classes in three 5-day courses and/or five 3-day courses. In adjusting the 120 hour curricula, all current topics will be covered with the addition of new subject matter plus more hands-on, practical and discussion exercises. Choose the class format that fits your needs and take advantage of great training now. For scheduled classes, visit the individual class pages or check out the Code 3 Associates training schedule.

Classes Include
National Animal Control & Humane Officer Academy (NACHO) – Animal control and animal cruelty investigations training, dually certified with the National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA)
Equine Investigations Academy (EIA) – Humane investigations class focused on horses
Animal Disaster Responder Academy (ADR) – Certified animal rescue classes
Big Useful Livestock Lessons (BULL) – Large animal rescue training
Ice Rescue – Human and animal ice rescue training
Wildland Fire Class
Customized Classes – Code 3 can tailor a class to your specific training needs

Do you need help with your training expenses? Reach out to your community for help – spread the word about our Sponsor an Officer program, and ask community members to designate their donations for your agency.