Big Useful Livestock Lessons (BULL)

Large Animal Behavior and Handling in Rescue

In situations including:

  • A horse and rider over an embankment
  • A tractor trailer rolled over on the interstate hauling dozens of cows, horses or other livestock
  • Evacuating livestock during a disaster

Specialized skills and techniques help to maximize animal welfare as well as responder safety during livestock rescues.

This two-day Big Useful Livestock Lessons class will bring rescuers up close and personal with the animals they may encounter and have to rescue.

This course was created for fire, rescue, and law enforcement personnel; animal control officers; livestock professionals and veterinary professionals; and anyone else who might be called upon to assist with livestock rescue and large animal emergency situations is encouraged to take this two-day course.

Topics Include

  • Livestock behavior and handling
  • Veterinary perspectives for animal rescue
  • Basic ropes and knots for animal rescue
  • Trailer types, loading and extracting livestock in emergencies


Students will learn how to safely deal with large animals by understanding their behavior in stressful and emergency situations, and how to deal with animals after they are rescued. Participants will be exposed to different scenarios including how to affect a rescue by modifying and using equipment you already have; types of specialized equipment that can make rescue more efficient; rope and harnessing systems to move large animals; assisting the veterinary professional with triage and evaluation.

During this this two-day, 16-hour course participants will spend approximately 50% of their time participating in hands-on exercises and 50% in classroom instruction.


This academy is taught in partnership with Colorado State University for certification. Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate and are eligible to apply for continuing education credits from Colorado State University. Veterinary professionals may apply to receive CEUs from Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

The BULL faculty may include Jim Boller, Dean A. Hendrickson DVM, Brett Huff, Garret Leonard and qualified adjunct instructors.

Work gloves and sturdy closed-toe shoes or boots are required for participation in the BULL class.

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