Code 3 Associates, Inc. was started in 1985 to provide much needed training for animal welfare and law enforcement officers involved in animal issues in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Over the next ten years, our training expanded to include a more national approach.

In 1995, as a result of the Oklahoma City terrorist bombings, the idea was born to create a fully self-sufficient vehicle that could respond to animal needs in disasters. Code 3 Associates mobile command center, also known as BART (Big Animal Rescue Truck), debuted in the fall of 1996, and began its disaster response career that summer when it was deployed to Hurricane Bertha in North Carolina. Since then, BART and its volunteer team of professionals have responded to over 70 federally declared disasters as well as other smaller state and local events. Over the years, BART has remained in continuous service to the animal community through donations, sponsorships and the efforts of a dedicated team of employees and volunteers. Changes and modifications to equipment continue to keep the truck on the cutting edge of animal disaster response.

Code 3 Associates was incorporated and received its non-profit status in 1998. We have evolved from one visionary volunteer to full time employees, adjunct instructors, professional responders and that same visionary volunteer. In addition to our full time team members, our team has at least 75 professional responders around the country with highly trained response team leaders and dedicated volunteers working to further Code 3’s mission.

We have not only expanded our disaster response efforts and the size of our team, but also our animal related training topics and scope. Working in partnership with Colorado State University and with trainings and academies taught all over the United States, more than 800 students a year attend training classes put on by Code 3 Associates.