Animal Decontamination Overview

Emergency Large Animal Sheltering and Decontamination Deployment Teams
March 6, 2021 ‐ 8:00-9:30 am MST‐ Virtual


Decontamination Of All Species Overview

Animal decontamination has become increasingly more important as households continue get more pets. The community often includes horses in what they value as a companion animal as well as other livestock.  Thousands of animals per year are affected by events that require proper decontamination to improve quality of life and increase an animals chance of remaining healthy. This 1-hour animal decontamination overview course lays the ground work for responders to understand the decontamination process.

Catastrophic events could require the decontamination of tens of thousands of pets and other animals.  All types of animals are affected during a disaster and need proper decontamination to remain healthy and active.

Tuition, Registration & Payment

Tuition is free.   This is a required course for all Emergency Large Animal Shelter and Decontamination Deployment Teams at Code 3.   Please contact with any questions.

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