Understanding Livestock Behavior

Emergency Large Animal Sheltering and Decontamination Deployment Teams
February 6, 2021 ‐ 8:00-9:30am MST ‐ Virtual

Cattle in the road

This virtual course provides disaster responders information on “Understanding Livestock Behavior”.

Animals in disasters have elevated stress levels and once you understand how livestock think, move and handle stress, we can provide them necessary care.


The goal in any stress-related situation is to limit the amount of stress over a period of time. Animals can endure high stress levels for short periods of time, and low stress levels for longer periods of time. If animals are under high stress conditions, the process needs to be quick and efficient. Animals with lower stress levels can tolerate the stress for longer periods of time. It is important to note, animals with limited human interaction react differently than livestock that have been handled properly.

Implementing the proper level of stress for each individual animal, paying attention to behavioral changes, and following proper handling protocols are important in keeping animals and handlers safe during the process. Stress has a negative impact on all livestock and keeping stress levels down will contribute the livestock’s future well-being.

Additional Topics:

  • Proper handling techniques
  • Understanding warning signs
  • Emergency Haltering

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Tuition is free.   This is a required course for all Emergency Large Animal Shelter and Decontamination Deployment Teams at Code 3.   Please contact gleonard@code3associates.org with any questions.

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